Does O’reilly take Used Oil? (2024)

Forget about used gasoline, we'll focus on the oil. When it comes to properly disposing of your vehicle's used oil, it's important to find a reliable and responsible solution. Some may wonder about AutoZone, but O'Reilly Auto Parts is one of the most prominent automotive retail chains in the United States that accepts used oil.

In addition, the company has recycling programs in place to help customers dispose of their used oil safely and responsibly. These programs not only benefit the environment by preventing oil pollution, but also provide a convenient option for customers looking to dispose of their used oil.

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  • 2 How to bring your used oil to O'Reilly?
  • 3 O'Reilly's policy for taking oil to your facility
  • 4 Can you earn rewards for recycling oil at O'Reilly?
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O'Reilly's Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

O'Reilly Auto Parts recognizes the importance of responsible used oil disposal and is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. As part of their commitment, O'Reilly offers a used oil recycling program to provide a reliable and safe alternative for disposing of the oil you no longer need.

They partner with licensed and certified oil recycling facilities to ensure that the oil is properly treated and reused.

In addition, if you have used oil in your home that you haven't figured out how to properly dispose of, O'Reilly Auto Parts accepts it at their facility, you can bring it to any O'Reilly store during regular business hours.

O'Reilly provides designated containers for customers to dispose of used oil. These containers are securely sealed to prevent any leaks during transport, they are also changed regularly to prevent them from being overfilled when someone sets out to dispose of used oil.

How to bring your used oil to O'Reilly?

To benefit from O'Reilly's used oil recycling program, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, you need to collect your used oil in a suitable container, and the company's official website tells you how to do this. It is essential to make sure that the container is clean and airtight to avoid spills or leaks during transport.

It is also important to keep in mind that O'Reilly does not accept containers larger than five gallons; so if it is too much oil that you have to dispose of, you have to divide it into different containers to be accepted at the store.

Once you have your used oil properly collected, you can take it to the nearest O'Reilly Auto Parts store.

When you arrive at the location, go to the service counter and inform the staff that you have used oil to dispose of. They will guide you through the process and provide you with a specific container to pour the used oil into.

When you begin disposal, be careful to pour the oil only into the designated container and not into other containers or vehicles. Once the oil has been emptied into the container provided, O'Reilly's staff will take over the recycling process from that point on.

O'Reilly's policy for taking oil to your facility

To dispose of oil in O'Reilly's containers, it is essential to comply with the steps provided on its official website. That way, you won't have any inconvenience and can take as little as a minute leaving the old oil in a safe container to be disposed of in the proper way:

Suitable containerO'Reilly provides containers specifically designed for the disposal of used oil. Avoid using makeshift containers or mixing used oil with other substances.
Five gallons of oil If you have more than five gallons, it is advisable to contact your local O'Reilly store to inquire about their specific policies.
Do not accept contaminated oil Mixing used oil with other materials may make it unsuitable for recycling. O'Reilly cannot accept used oil containing antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid or any other contaminants.
Take precautions Protect your hands with gloves and avoid any contact with your eyes or mouth. In addition, it is advisable to transport the oil safely, making sure that no spills occur during transportation.
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Can you earn rewards for recycling oil at O'Reilly?

It's important to note that while O'Reilly accepts used oil, it does not offer incentives or rewards for recycling it.

Unlike other retailers or oil change centers that offer discounts or rewards for taking used oil, O'Reilly's program focuses solely on providing a safe and environmentally friendly solution for customers to dispose of their oil.

By choosing to recycle your oil at O'Reilly, you are contributing to a more sustainable future. Recycled used oil can be refined and transformed into various products such as lubricants, fuels, and asphalt. In addition, oil recycling reduces dependence on virgin petroleum and reduces the need for drilling and extraction.

For these reasons, O'Reilly raises awareness that there is no need to be rewarded for picking to dispose of oil properly and not continue to pollute the environment by throwing it into the trash or into lakes and seas.

The mission is to raise awareness among all motorists to responsibly dispose of oil and other vehicle components that are harmful to the environment.

More recycling programs!

Not only does the company accept used oil, O'Reilly Auto Parts also offers other recycling programs for automotive-related items.

They accept used batteries, antifreeze, and transmission fluid. As with the used oil recycling program, when you bring any of these items to an O'Reilly store, you need to inform the staff so they can direct you to the appropriate area for recycling.


Does O’reilly take Used Oil? (2024)


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