Staar Encouragement Notes (2024)

1. Staar notes of encouragement | TPT

  • These printable cards are an easy and efficient way to write encouraging notes for your students before their big STAAR test. Print them on ...

  • Browse staar notes of encouragement resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational resources.

2. Staar encouragement notes | TPT

  • Write notes of encouragement to your students or children as the prep for the upcoming STAAR test! This is a pack of 5 different ...

  • Browse staar encouragement notes resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational resources.

3. Testing Treats & Motivation - Cultivating Critical Readers

4. Test-Taking Encouragement: Emoji-Themed Motivational Notes

  • ... STAAR testing. We put them on their desks and lockers. THey loved them. K ... Encouragement Notes: Positive Affirmations Motivation Notes for State Testing ...

  • Test-Taking Encouragement: Motivational Sticky Notes for Students Do you want to encourage your students during the test-taking season? These test-taking encouragement notes are your answer! Are you seeking unique ways to boost your student's motivation and self-esteem? These test-taking motivation notes can be used at any grade level at any time of year to inspire your students to do their best on high-stakes (or low-stakes) testing. Once you read the printing instructions, these 66 encouraging sticky note messages are easy to prepare and can be used in various ways. Teachers can place them around the classroom, surprise them by putting them on students' desks, stick them to walls and/or mirrors throughout the school, arm parents with them to display at home or allow students to choose which messages they need most to be successful on testing. You may also be interested in the MONEY-SAVING BUNDLE that includes THREE testing motivation products for students at any grade level: TEST-TAKING ENCOURAGEMENT: Sticky Notes TEST-TAKING ENCOURAGEMENT: Bookmarks This version includes 66 different messages in the following formats: 11 pages of testing motivation full color sticky notes (66 messages) 11 pages of testing motivation black-and-white sticky notes (same 66 messages) Google Slides copy and paste digital stickers (same 66 messages) Folder of PNG files for digital stickers (same 66 messages) Printing instructions, a printing template,...

5. 125 Positive Words of Encouragement for Kids - We Are Teachers

  • 20 dec 2023 · Words of encouragement make all the difference to kids. Here are phrases you can use to encourage and inspire your students.

  • "I know you can handle it."

6. Some Sweet Testing Encouragement - RUNDE'S ROOM

  • 31 jan 2015 · I've uploaded a copy of all these encouragement notes to google docs if you'd like a copy of them. Click HERE or on the picture to get the ...

  • Some fun ideas for testing encouragement for students.

7. 146 students, 146 personal handwritten notes of ... - EdNC

  • 30 mei 2019 · 146 students, 146 personal handwritten notes of encouragement to students who are about to take standardized tests. Justin Parmenter. May 30 ...

  • 146 students, 146 personal handwritten notes of encouragement to my students who are about to take their seventh grade End-of-Grade...

8. 250+ Positive Words Of Encouragement For Kids

  • 19 jun 2024 · Encouraging words help develop confidence in children. We have compiled some positive words of encouragement for kids to help boost their ...

  • Encouraging words help develop confidence in children. We have compiled some positive words of encouragement for kids to help boost their morale.

9. State Testing and a letter of encouragement - Field Trip Mom

  • 25 apr 2017 · She gave us a few weeks notice. I have, in the past few days, written a few handwritten notes of encouragement. Then, I would wake up the next ...

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10. How to Increase Student Motivation During State Testing

  • When your students are feeling excited and empowered, anything is possible! So how do I keep my students motivated? Encouraging Notes. On the first day, I give ...

  • Are you looking to increase student motivation during state testing? This article will outline my favorite ways I motivate my students.

Staar Encouragement Notes (2024)


How to pass a STAAR test easily? ›

Practice is the key to mastery. Dedicate regular study sessions to practice Math STAAR-style questions. Utilize official practice tests, textbooks, online resources, and worksheets to hone your skills. Consistent practice not only enhances proficiency but also builds stamina for the actual test.

What do you need to fail the STAAR test? ›

STAAR tests are scored based on a scale that categorizes student performance into one of four categories: Masters Grade Level, Meets Grade Level, Approaches Grade Level and Did Not Meet Grade Level. Students need a minimum of 25% to 35% to pass the tests. Some students will not meet grade levels.

How do you get a successful STAAR test? ›

Strategy Three: Be Relaxed, Comfortable and Confident
  1. Sleep. Because tests are four or five hours long, it's important to be well-rested.
  2. Eat Right. Eat a balanced breakfast and bring healthy snacks for test day. ...
  3. Take Breaks. A STAAR test is not a race. ...
  4. Dress Comfortably. ...
  5. Be Confident. ...
  6. Plan a Treat.

How to get a good grade on STAAR? ›

Top Ten Strategies to improve your STAAR Scores
  1. Have a good night sleep, arrive early on the test day and wear comfortable clothing. ...
  2. Stay relaxed and confident. ...
  3. Read directions carefully and completely. ...
  4. Answer questions in a strategic order: Answer easy questions first to build confidence.

Has anyone ever got a 100 on the STAAR test? ›

When the final results were revealed, he received scores of 100, or “Mastered” in all three sections - math, science and reading. Cortes and his wife, Lucy, were both thrilled with the results, especially when they learned how rare it was.

What is the lowest grade you can get to pass the STAAR test? ›

The scores mentioned in the red band is the failing scores in STAAR tests. The students need a minimum of 25% to 35% in order to pass the tests.

Can I graduate without passing the STAAR test? ›

In general, students must pass (achieve Approaches Grade Level or higher) all five STAAR EOC assessments—Algebra I, English I, English II, Biology, and U.S. History—to earn a high school diploma from a Texas public school district or open-enrollment charter school as required in TEC §39.025.

Do you go to summer school if you fail STAAR? ›

If you fail STAAR, you fail that grade level and it must be related in the next school year or go to summer school.

Can you be held back for failing STAAR? ›

All students can move on to the next grade: contrary to common belief, failing the STAAR exam in grades 3-8 does not require that a child be held back. Parents have the option of requesting that their child repeat a grade, but this is exceptionally rare.

How do I prepare my child for the STAAR test? ›


Make sure that your child gets a good night's sleep. Be encouraging - let your child know that you think he/she will do well on the test. Plan for the morning ahead – lay out clothes to wear; have backpack ready to go.

How many people fail the STAAR test each year? ›

About one-third of Texas elementary students failed the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, known as STAAR, this academic year. That's a major fail for an education system state lawmakers have failed to adequately fund and support.

Do you pass the STAAR test if you get approaches? ›

Performance Level Categories

Students who achieve Approaches Grade Level or higher on STAAR have passed the test.

How to pass the STAAR test easily? ›

It is important that you pay attention in class, take notes, and do your homework. Your teacher may do more intense STAAR prep in the weeks leading up to your test. This is a time that you really need to focus. If you do not understand a concept or have a question, get help from your teacher as soon as you can.

What happens if you fail the STAAR test but pass the class? ›

If a student passes the course but does not pass the end-of-course assessment, the student may take the test again. However, a student is not required to retake a course just because he or she failed the assessment.

Can I still graduate if I fail the STAAR test? ›

Do you really have to pass STAAR to graduate? The answer is no. Now, let's be clear. Passing all five EOC assessments is one way a student can meet the requirements for graduation from a public high school.

Is the STAAR test difficult? ›

'Hard for Children to Succeed'

Part of the stress it causes for students and its inadequacy as a diagnostic tool is simple: STAAR is too hard. In some cases, reading passages have been judged to be two to three years ahead of the tested grade level based on independent readability tests, including the Lexile scale.

Can you skip the STAAR test in Texas? ›

'A constant insane amount of pressure' | Central Texas mom opts student out of STAAR test, despite TEA saying the law does not allow for it. The Texas Education Agency is stressing to parents that there is no "opt out" option for students needing to take the STAAR test.


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